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November 4-8, 2013 Ottawa Convention Centre, Ottawa, Ontario.

Risk Management: Where is the Information?

We have the tools and technology to secure our systems and infrastructure, but people remain the weakest link.

How many unencrypted USB sticks does it take to cause a Privacy Breach? or someone misplacing corporate data containing personal, confidential or personal health information in the “Blue Bin” or using the auto-fill feature in eMail and sending it to the wrong person.

It only takes one instance and the Twitter World is a buzz; and then the lead headline in the News. We have diligently created build books for our systems, implemented change management, intrusion detection, disaster recovery plans and spend hours testing our system for potential security vulnerabilities.

But, what about people equation in all of this? The IT Security Team understands Information Security, but have you actually interviewed Senior Management and the Business Owners to understand what keeps them up at night? It may surprise many:

  • An aging workforce with corporate history and knowledge that will disappear in the next 5 years
  • Lack of fully documented processes and procedures
  • Lack of Information Security Governance; more Transparency; Freedom of Information

Some of our greatest Information Security Risks are People and what they do every day – Information Security is about behaviour and culture. Risk Management can assist in identifying the issues and Governance can assist in filling the gaps.

Using Risk Management can identify where your information risks are; understand what users really do; and then develop a strategy for filling the gaps and creating an Information Security and Privacy aware culture. Sandra Liepkalns as guest speaker.


Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) 2013 Security Conference

October 22-24, 2013 at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham, Ontario.

See you there!


Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) 2013 Cloud Computing Workshop

March 26, 2013 Burlington Convention Centre, Burlington, Ontario.

Netrus is a proud Sponsor of this event.


Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) 2012 Security Conference

October 21 - 23, 2012 Barrie, Ontario.

See you there!


Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) 2012 Golf Tournament

August 23, 2012 Wooden Sticks, Uxbridge, Ontario.

Netrus is a proud Sponsor of this event.


Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) 2012 Conference

May 27-30, 2012 hosted by the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

Visit us at Booth 54 - see you there!


Professional Engineers of Ontario

May 24, 2012

Cyber InSecurity: Why Your Network May Be Failing You - Most data networks today are vulnerable to a range of attacks from both outsiders and disgruntled employees. On a regular basis, incident responders are dealing with stolen intellectual property, theft and fraud, vandalization of public websites, and the destruction of physical and logical resources. How could this happen? You've got a firewall in place, your network is patched and upgraded, and you have paid to ensure that you have the best and most up-to-date technical controls in place. But compromises are happening frequently - a study of Canadian organizations indicates that more than 40% have already been compromised by attackers, and some don't know it yet. Using tools freely available on the Internet, professionals are targeting and breaking into networks in spite of the existing security measures. Our guests will be demonstrating how these attacks work, and the greatest threats that organizations face. In spite of the increase in attacks, there are still effective controls to limit the success of these attackers. Sandra Liepkalns will be addressing how to move beyond technical security to implement a business-based approach that leverages people, processes, and technology and that focuses risk management. Guest Presenters include • Sandra Liepkalns, CRISC, Netrus, Inc.


National Emergency Preparedness Week

May 7-11, 2012 hosted by York Region

Netrus is a proud Partner and Sponsor of York Region's Emergency Preparedness Week.

Stop by and visit the ITS Departments booth at the Region's Head Office 17250 Yonge Street, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 6Z1


Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA) 2010 Information Security and Risk Management Conference

Toronto, November 21-23, 2010 hosted by the City of Toronto

Lifecycle of an EMS Threat Risk Assessment

An inside look at an ePCR Threat Risk Assessment experience.  This presentation will cover the Lifecycle of an EMS TRA in three parts – The scope of the assessment from a consultants perspective; the process used by the IT Departments to implementation recommendations; and how EMS are using the TRA Process to Manage Business Risks on an ongoing basis.


Mobile Innovation Week: Mobile ThinkTank Series

Toronto,September 15-16 2010 at the CN Tower // Maple Leaf Cinema

Mobile Health Care

2010 has seen the emergence of mobile as a major delivery platform for health and medical information, services and support – for institutions, marketers, health care professionals, patients and consumers. Mobile and health care sector professionals will explore how innovation in mobile technologies and services are enabling the growth of personalized medical services, home-based health management, improvements in treatments and compliance, delivery of relevant, real-time data for health-care providers, and enabling a range of new medical devices.

mHealth Best Practices

Sandra Liepkalns will provide perspectives on privacy and security issues for health care providers and patients. The Canadian Medical Association’s MD Physician Services will showcase how mobile can be deployed for a wide range of services for health care professionals. Dave Hall of Black Digital will discuss the issues faced in delivery of medical marketing programs and content via mobile for healthcare professionals and patients.

Mobile Cities

Governments at all levels (municipal, provincial, federal) will explore the concept of "Mobile Cities" - using mobile services and applications to provide public services, enhance commercial/industrial activity, foster innovation and drive economic growth. Non-government organizations and agencies will explore how to deploy mobile to engage with their core constituencies and communities, provide a platform for advocacy, support fund-raising, and interface with government and private sector stakeholders.

Driving Economic Development with Mobile

A discussion with Stuart Jack of Nordicity Group, Martin Kunaus of Netrus and James Maynard of Wavefront AC on how municipalities can use mobile as a strategic driver of economic development and growth.

Netrus is a proud Sponsor of the Mobile Think Tank Series